Oven Maintenance Service

*Inspect electrical systems connections.

*Visually  Inspected wiring insulation for cracks or peeling.

*Check oven controls for accurate temperatures.

*Check oven door and door gasket for proper alignment.

*Make sure gasket are soft.

*Check and adjust clock/timer as needed.

*Test self-cleaning lock mechanism.

*Check electronic controls to ensure proper functions.

*Check surface/oven burners/ elements.

*Check warming drawer


Refrigerator Maintenance

*Clean condenser.

*Check and properly adjust thermostat

*Temperature controls, and air dampers.

*Check the automatic defrost cycle.

*Check door seals for air leaks.

*Check defrost evaporation pan and clean if applicable.

*Check the defrost drain for blockage and leaks.

*Level cabinet.

*Check for proper icemaker operation.

*Check ice dispenser

*Check water dispenser

*proper water flow.

*Inspect electrical system.